BACC JSC provides engineering, technical and legal consulting services for condominiums, including management of the integrated process of renovation of residential buildings.

Engineering and technical consulting services:

  • elaborating a technical passport of the building in accordance with the legal requirements
  • energy efficiency audits and certification,
  • financial and economic estimates and budgeting of the necessary measures and costs for renovation of the building with a focus on energy efficiency inmprovement;
  • quality, quantity and time control on behalf of the Contracting authority/ homeowners during the implementation of energy-saving measures in multifamily residential buildings.

Legal advice and services related to:

  • Applying CML in residential buildings with condominiums – calculation/ recalculation of ideal parts for the purposes of reaching a quorum and legal decisions; calling general meetings; adequate legal archiving and keeping documentation of condominiums (including for the purpose of making liable those who fail to pay their regular installments and collection of old debts)
  • communication and representation of the condominium in its relations with local authorities, utility companies and other legal entities, incl. enforcement actions against those who fail to pay their regular installments;
  • Application for programs financing renovation of residential buildings.
  • organizational and raising-awareness activities on the possibilities for obtaining public (financial) support for energy efficiency renovation under various donor programs.