Quality and quantity control on behalf of Contracting Authority

The energy efficiency Improvement of the residential buildings is one of the company’s best-developed consulting services. The BACC’s qualified experts have significant record in overall building renovation process: the company provides engineering/ technical preparatory activities – elaboration of a building’s technical passport, energy efficiency audit, technical design of renovation activities, financial and economic estimates for the necessary renovation investment – as a whole and by components (roof repair, thermal insulation of walls, window replacement, installation measures, renovation of the entranceway, passages and other common parts of the building, renewable energy sources and more).

This outlines BACC JSC as a leading Bulgarian company when it comes to quality and quantity control (on behalf of the owners/condominiums) in the process of renovating buildings, with different types of funding – public or co-financed.

Project “Energy renovation of Bulgarian Homes” financed under OPRD 2007-2013 – quality, quantity and time control on behalf of the condominiums as part of supporting the owners’ associations in the process of implementing energy efficiency measures in multifamily residential buildings of more than 50 buildings of the territory of Sofia.

In the period 2017 – 2019, BACC has signed 6 contracts (after a procedure in accordance with the Public Procurement Act) with the district administrations of the Lyulin, Slatina, Ilinden, Krasno Selo, Iskar and Oborishte regions for quality, quantity and time control during the design and construction works under the National Program for Energy Efficiency of Multifamily Residential Buildings on the territory of Sofia Municipality.

baccQuality and quantity control on behalf of Contracting Authority