About BACC

Into the second decade of its activity now, the Bulgarian-Austrian Consulting Company (BACC JSC), founded in 2006, continues its successful business as a reliable and preferred partner in the projects, run by state institutions (ministries and agencies), municipalities and private companies.

The company provides cooperation and support in the implementation of projects in the field of sustainable regional and urban development, energy efficiency and housing policy, technical assistance in the management of EU structural and investment funds, financial management and control.

Energy efficiency is one of the priority areas for the BACC. The company works in the field of improving energy efficiency in buildings (Certificate №00289 in the SEDA Register), incl auditing and certification of buildings; assessment of the compliance of investment projects with the current energy efficiency requirements; issuing energy certificates for new buildings.

Improving energy efficiency of residential buildings is among the best developed consulting services of the company: BACC provides consulting services for the condominiums – througout the entire process of renovation of the buildings: consultations to support the beneficiaries in engineering, technical and legal issues (in accordance with the Condominium Management Law); support in preparing project proposals/ applications for renovation programs in residential buildings; quality and quantity control in the preparatory phase (audits, design) and during the implementation of the renovation works.

Another field in the company specialization is the financial management and control of projects implemented under various programs financed with public funds.
The company’s outstanding business record in the area of regional development includes development of strategic documents at local, regional and national level. In addition, the company team has been performing а great deal of preliminary, interim and ex-post evaluations of strategic documents.

BACC JSC is a member of the Bulgarian Facility Management Association (BGFMA), the Bulgarian Association of Consultants оn European Programs (BACEP), the Chamber of Energy Auditors and the Coalition for the Improvement of Housing Conditions in Bulgaria “Decent Home”.

The company certification under ISO 9001: 2015 guarantees that the adopted management system is based on the requirements of the International Standard for the provision of consulting services in the field of: technical assistance; organizational development; elaboration, management, implementation, monitoring, control and evaluation of policies, strategies, plans, programs and projects; economic, financial, marketing, sociological and other studies; housing policy; energy efficiency audits; quality and quantity control on behalf of the contracting authority; organizing and conducting trainings. The ISO 9001: 2015 certificate has been issued by the certification organization TUV NORD CERT under the accreditation of DAkkS, Germany. The certificate is a guarantee of the high quality of the services provided.

The company experts have а significant record of work for Bulgarian and international projects. The activities implemented under these projects have mainly been targeted to support socio-economic development, for the public, private and non-governmental sectors.

Our team members have long-standing international experience in the region working for various projects run by the United Nations Development Program, the Housing Committee of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations. They provided consultancy services in Armenia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine etc.

The competencies of the BACC team include, in addition, financial management and control of projects implemented under programs financed with public funds from the national budget and the European funds (OPRD 2007-2013, OPRG 2014-2020, CBC INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020 etc). They have also worked as external expert evaluators of project proposals applying for funding from the ESIFunder different managing authorities: MLSP – Managing Authority of OP Human Resources Development 2007-2013 / 2014-2020; МE – Managing Authority of OPCBЕ 2007-2013 and OPIC 2014-2020; MoF – Managing Authority of OPAC 2007-2013 and OPGG 2014-2020; MYS – Managing Authority of the National Youth Program 2011-2015; MAFF – Managing Authority of the PDRR 2014-2020, and many others.

The company’s experts have participated in the management of EU pre-accession funds (PHARE Program) in the Energy Committee, the Postal and Telecommunications Committee and the Ministry of Finance. The accumulated experience and know-how have been shared in the Republic of Turkey and Montenegro under PHARE and IPA programs, incl. developing procedural manuals, conducting trainings, providing technical assistance to state institutions, etc.