BACC JSC provides engineering, technical, consulting and legal services targeting the condominiums, including the management of the integrated process of renovation of the multifamily apartments buildings.

If the topic of improving the energy efficiency of your building has caught your attention for some reason, we could certainly be of help to you with the answers and solutions to the questions that concern you.

If you only need one-time consultations related to energy efficiency, application of the Condominium Management Act or you need a technical passport, you can count on our expertise and experience.

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  • elaboration of energy audits and energy performance certificates,
  • elaboration of technical passports,
  • preparation of costs estimates and budgeting of the necessary measures for energy efficiency renovation,
  • exercising investor control over the implementation of energy efficiency measures in multifamily residential buildings.
  • proper application of Condominium management act /CMA/,
  • communication and representation of the condominium in its relations with third parties,
  • information and awareness raising activities,
  • applying for financing under open programs for renovation of residential buildings.

The completed projects and recommendations from satisfied customers give us the confidence of a company with leading positions in this market segment. We have qualified expert staff and experience in the entire process of buildings renovation.

Energy audits and energy performance certificates

Technical passports

Costs estimates and budgeting

Investor control

Legal consultations in Condominium Management Act application

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