Preparation of 54 condominiums for applying for public funding for energy efficient renovation, including:
• Supporting the informed decision-making process by providing data and information on the benefits of building renovation, the necessary steps within the process; difficulties of a technical nature in the implementation of the process,
• Identification of the necessary energy saving measures (in dialogue with the owners), consultations on accompanying measures necessary in order not to compromise the energy efficiency measures,
• Formation of an optimal package of EE measures from the eligible ones, in order to meet the expectations of the individual owners,
• Consultations on necessary activities related to problems of the building stability or structural elements (if any), for example: compromised roof structures, collapsing elements of balconies, etc.,
• Preliminary costs estimates and their distribution among the owners – calculation of the financial contribution (co-financing) of each owner, as a share of the total budget, on the basis of which to reach an agreement between all the owners in the building (where applicable),
• Identification of the need for loan of each owner,
• Identification of the socially vulnerable owners and measures to solve the problem (where applicable).