The results of the nine-year practice of 100% grant support for energy-efficient renovation of multi-family residential buildings (MFRB) are measured by 3 thousand renovated buildings (or only half a percent) out of 66 thousand in need. Calculations show that maintaining this pace will take tens of years to renovate all the buildings in need. Speeding up the process requires changing the funding model and the mechanism for its implementation. Furthermore, tour country has committed to the goal proposed by the EC to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

The change in the financing model has been introduced through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, as a transformation of the existing model of providing 100% grant for homeowners into a sustainable market model, requiring financial participation of the homeowners and the active participation of the administration and business. As for the implementation of mechanisms supporting the changed model, the SHEERenov+ Project (LIFE 2022) offers solutions based on comprehensive service to homeowners during the process of preparation for application and implementation of building renovation measures.

The ultimate goal of the project is to significantly increase the scale of energy renovation in the Bulgarian residential sector with the help of the established network of local OSSs, operating on a business basis and offering a full range of energy efficiency services.

In addition to the capital city of Sofia, the project activities will be carried out in 5 other large cities: Plovdiv, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora, Burgas and Ruse, ensuring the provision of an integrated complex service for the renovation of homes throughout the country.

Another important aspect of the project is the replication of the SHEERenov+ model in 6 additional OSSs.

The coordinator of the project is the Center for Energy Efficiency EnEffect.

Within the framework of part of the project activities, BACC JSC:

i. Participates in the activities of Sofia Municipality Energy Efficiency Centre by providing information services and raising citizens’ awareness of open procedures and existing funding opportunities, application conditions and guidelines, eligibility of buildings, documents templates, etc.

ii. Assists homeowners with:

  • Organizational activities – Creation of an Association of homeowners; Support for informed and lawful decision-making for applications, etc.; Participation in meetings and support to overcome resistances (general and interpersonal) in the condominium, Alternative solutions for financing problems – unwilling and unable to pay homeowners, unoccupied dwellings), etc.; Process administration.
  • Technical expertise – Preparation of Technical and Energy surveys; Drawing up a preliminary budget of the project, calculating the amount of the financial share of each homeowner; Preparation of application documents; Project management, investor control of implementation in order to minimize the risk of financial corrections.